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Board of Directors

·        President                              Vacant

·        Past President                       Brad Smith

·        Secretary                              Kuljit Sandhu

·        Treasurer                              Sean Baker

·        Registrar                               Ted de St. Croix

·        Head Coach                           Maureen de St. Croix

·        Director                                 Dave Short  

·        Director                                 Robert Antscherl  

·        Director                                 Chris Sage

·        Director                                 Shawn Pinto

·        Director                                 Paul Swan

·        Director                                 Ed Peters


·         Our Mission

To encourage excellence and increased participation in the sport of athletics (track and field) and running.

To provide an expert club that develops, encourages and supports athletics (track and field) and running athletes of all ages and abilities.

Our Values

  • Athletics and running as the basis for sport
  • Athlete focused programs lead by qualified and dedicated coaches
  • Fun, inclusive, equitable, ethical and drug free sporting environment
  • Effective leadership, efficient administration and strong business practices
  • Dedication, honesty and integrity by all club members
  • Interaction and cooperation within the community


  • High School Power Speed Group (Sprints, Hurdles, Jumps): Carl Savage, Michaela Colluney, Derek Fournier, Brian Cyr
  • High School Middle Distance/Cross Country:  Lynn Kanuka, Cam Mitchell
  • High Jump:  Jeannie Cockcroft, Cathy Carr, Jay Zhu
  • Throws: Dave McDonald, Rori Denness, Chris Sage, Cameron McKay
  • Pole Vault: Len van Ryswyk
  • Junior Development (JD): Maureen de St. Croix, Ted de St. Croix, Brad Smith, Robert Antscherl, Jay Zhu, Charlene Janzen, Steve Peters, Jon Mathis, Brian Clendenin, Denise McGraw
  • Seahorses/Run Jump Throw:  Maureen de St. Croix


Coaching Profiles 

  • Vice President:             Helen Samson

Lynn Kanuka

Head Coach High School Middle Distance & Cross Country Running Program Cross Country Running

Lynn's personal passion is to help people at all levels enjoy the sport she loves, and to help them achieve their goals and potential as athletes and healthy happy human beings.  "Coach Lynn" has 25 years of coaching experience with elementary school youngsters through to Canadian National Team Elite Level athletes.   Lynn’s enthusiasm and energy inspires all around her to achieve to the best of their ability.  Lynn is a certified Athletics Canada NCCP Competition "Performance Coach".   Lynn coaches athletes in the 400m through 3000m distances, steeplechase and cross country running.   Lynn is also acting as Team Canada coach, most recently at the Pan American Cross Country Championships.

Lynn`s personal athletic career began at the local grass roots level and progressed through to the National team and Olympic level.  Lynn`s level of expertise is evident in the successes of her athletes from the achievement of personal bests to High School Champions to being on Provincial and National Teams. Many of the high school graduates from Lynn's program have secured athletic scholarships at post-secondary schools both in Canada and the US, while all athletes in this group have achieved the foundations of fitness for life.   Highlights of Lynn's stellar career can be found here.