Ocean Athletics Volunteer Opportunities

A vital component to the successful operation of Ocean Athletics is Volunteering.   There are no paid administrative positions in the club.  The coaches receive a small honourarium but no other monies are paid to the executive or coaches.    Ocean Athletics chooses to host events to provide convenient competition opportunities to our members and as fund raisers.   It is not possible to host events without the help of club members.  There are abundant opportunities for you to help continue to make the Ocean Athletics program successful.  You may chose to donate your volunteer bond to the club instead of volunteer hours, but we believe you will enjoy volunterring and thus encourage you to do so.  

Members are required to volunteer for at least one Summer Series Meet, and for at least 1 session of the JD Championships for the 2016 season.  The actual nuber of hours is somewhat flexible.  For instance if you are volunteering at long jump and the event is expected to take 90minutes but extends past that time due to the large number of athletes, the volunteer is expected to complete the event.  Athletes are also expected to volunteer.  Volunteer letters are available for High School grades 10-12 to use for the graduation portfolio.   The following volunteer opportunities are available:


May Tune Up event - May 26,27

This event contains the BC High School Multis Championships, a Masters/Senior/Junior Heptathlon & Decathlon and the all comers May Tune Up event open to 2003 and older athletes.  Lots of volunteers are needed for this event as there are so many field events going on at the same time.



Summer Series Meets - June 27, July 4, 11, 18th

These compact 4 hour events offer an alternative to weekend competition and provide high level competition opportunities for all of our athletes ages 9 and older.  

A number of event teams will be set up so that volunteers can be trained in one specific area and help in that area for at least two meets this season.  

Throws: Javelin, Hammer, Shot Put and Javelin - officiating for all 4 is essentially the same

Pole Vault

Long/Triple Jump - volunteer tasks are i) tape puller (pulling the tape past the takeoff board in line with the landing spot so that the official can get a clean reading at the board ii) in the pit - placing the marker at the first point of contact in the sand iii) recorder  iv) Raker - best to have 2 people do this job - it is hard work  v) wind gauge when it is midget and older athletes.  Usually we have 2 pits running simultaneously.  

High Jump -  replacing knocked off bar, helping in the raising of the bar - 2 people are required for this task.  Usually we have 2 HJ pits going simultaneously.

Hurdle Crew -  6 -8 members to place and adjust sprint, intermediate and steeplechase hurdles.  This team is required to work quickly and efficiently to ensure the hurdle events proceed quickly and smoothly.

Track - tasks include ensuring starting blocks are placed and moved efficiently between the various start lines,  placing and removal of cut in cones used in 800m, 4x400 relay, 3000m, relay zone judges, lap counting of distance races, marshalling of athletes, accompanying athletes to relay exchange zones

Registration - distrtibution of athlete bib numbers,  collection of late entry fee and athlete information*, dissemination of information (where is the washroom/marshalling tent/medical etc)  This position requires the team to be in place 90minutes before the first event and stay for the first couple of hours of the event.

Setup and Cleanup - if our events are to be successful, all equipment must be set up and ready to go at least 90 minutes before the first event, and then put away at the end of the meet in an orderly fashion. Setup requires a minimum of 2.5 hours depending upon the size of the meet.

Summer Series  Tuesdays 5-9pm.   Register on Trackiereg.

Series #1 - July 27 Series #2 - July 4 Series #3 - July 11 Series #4 - July 18
Volunteer Sign-up Series #1   Volunteer Sign-up Series #2   Volunteer Sign-up Series #3   Volunteer Sign-up Series #4


Saturday Sept 30, 2017 - Festival of Cross Country - more information and Volunteer signup at a later date.


Year Round Volunteering opportunities

  • Fundraising – if this is an area of expertise or interest, you are needed!  Fundraising is a very important part of the club’s survival
  • Uniforms & Clothing coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator  
  • Board Members – if you wish to sit on the Ocean Athletics Board of Directors, please contact President Leslie Tennant at     tennantkids@gmail.com    or  Past President  Brad Smith    bnbcsmith@shaw.ca
  • Grant applications