Ocean Athletics Athletes & Parents - How to enter a competition   
* Each competition will have a brief description of the event (who can enter, number of events that the club covers, the entry deadline).  
* The Ocean Athletics members entry deadline will  be 3-4 days ahead of the hosting meet entry deadline to allow time to put together the Ocean Athletics entry to the host club.  
* Each competition will have a dedicated entry form.  Open the form and enter chosen events.  Include your best performance for each event as this is helpful in getting you into the correction section.  The form will ask you for your BC Athletics membership number.  If you do not know it, there is a link on the form to get it. 
* You will receive confirmation of your entry after the entry is submitted as long as you fill in the 'Send automatic reply to:" .  If you need to scratch from an event or the meet, it is important to do so by the stated deadline or the athlete will be charged for the entry.
Registration for Ocean hosted events:   Use Trackiereg instead of the dedicated Ocean form.   Go to Trackiereg. com.   Find the event and register.  
Ocean Athletics hosted events are free for Ocean Athletics members (2019 Summer Series events, 2019 BC JD Track & Field Championships, 2019 Festival of Cross Country).  Athletes may enter as many events as they choose BUT athletes are expected to commit to events entered.  For laned events, lanes are assigned before the meet.  No Shows result in empty lanes and the disruption of meet management.  

Upcoming Events:    

Saturday February 2, 2019:  Harry Jerome Indoor - Richmond Olympic Oval - Meet Information  Meet entry fee is $19.00/event, and $39/relay.  Ocean Athletics will cover 1 event and 1 relay per athlete.  Additional event entry fees are the responsibility of the athlete.  Entry deadline is Tuesday, January 22, midnight.    Ocean Athletics entry form here.



February 3, 2018 - Harry Jerome Indoor - Richmond Olympic OvalResults

March 30/31, 2018 - UBC Open - University of British Columbia.  Results    Excellent results at the UBC Open this past weekend.  Full Results    Hannah Milic 1500m  4:57  PB!!!     Kaelan House  800   2:02.4  PB!!!!   Jessica Williams  400mH  1:01.8  PB!!

April 7, 2018  SFU Emelie Mondor Invitational - Simon Fraser University.  Results 


May 25-27 (Fri-Sun) - BC Elementary Championship

May 25-27 BC High School Multis Championships and Zones 3,4 Summer Games Trials


June 9,10 (Sat, Sun) - Jesse Bent Invitational - Coquitlam - Meet results available soon

June 15-17 (Fri-Sun) - Langley Pacific Invitational - McLeod Stadium, Langley - results available soon. 

July 3 (Tues) - Ocean Athletics Summer Series #1


Meet Fees

Club membership fees include meet fees for JD, Midget, Youth, Junior, Senior athletes, up to a maximum number per Ocean Athletics policy.  The number of covered meet fees is dependent upon what the host meet charges  (less than $10, maximum of 3 events covered,  $10- $14 entry fee = 2 events,  $15 or higher entry fee = 1 event) Athletes entering additional events are responsible for the entry fee of those events. Please submit payment in a sealed envelope with the athlete name, competition name, # extra events + payment.  Summer Series events are free for Ocean Athletics members.  The 2019 BC JD Championships entry fee is waived for Ocean Athletics members.

Late Registrants

Many meets do not accept late entrants.  If late entries are accepted, any late registration fees will be the responsibility of the athlete and are usually double the regular fee ($10 becomes $20 etc.)  Registering athletes after posted deadlines is an extremely time consuming process, so please save us time and yourself the cost of a late entry fee by getting entries in as early as possible.  

Missed Meets

If an athletes registers and elects to not participate in the meet for any reason, the athlete is required to reimburse Ocean Athletics for the full cost of their registration in the meet.  Athletes will not be entered in subsequent meets until outstanding fees are paid.