Monday November 12 

HS & older sprinters, jumpers, hurdlers:  530-7pm at the track

HS & older middle distance:  5:30 at the track

JD's:  6-7:30pm at the track

Throws: 5-7pm at the track

Pole Vault: - please contact Coach Len for specifics on PV training 


Tuesday November 13

All High School & older athletes: 5-7pm  strength training - Semiahmoo Secondary School Wt. rm.


Thursday November 15

HS & older Sprinters, Jumpers, Hurdlers:  5-7pm indoors Mobility & Conditioning - HT Thrift Elementary gym

HS & older Middle Distance group: 5:30-7pm at the track

Seahorses: 5:30-6:30  indoors  Chantrell Creek Elementary (2575 137 St, Surrey, BC V4P 2K5)

JD's: 5:30-7pm Chantrell Creek Elementary  - 5:30-6:15 outdoors - please bring a headlamp if you have one, 615-7pm indoors

High Jump:   NOTE: Ocean Cliff Elementary is closed for a school activity on Thursday November 15.  High Jump training will be at Chantrell Creek 5-6pm.  1.30m & higher jumpers only.

Throws change of venue TBA.


Saturday November 17

HS & older Sprinters, Jumpers, Hurdlers: 10-11:30am at the track

HS & older Middle Distance Runners:  10-11:30am at the track

JD's and Seahorses: 10-1130am at the track

High Jump is weather dependent: 10-11:30am at the track





Ocean athletes stellar at BC High School Cross Country Championships in Nanaimo. 

Full results.   Photos by Gord Kalisch


Junior Girls (239 finishers)

GOLD - 2018 BC High School Junior Girls Champion - Maddy Bonikowsky  followed by: Milena Kalish 9th, Abigail Yakemchuk - 22nd, Mackenzie Hack 32nd, Julie Mackie 43rd, Ava Mitchel 85th, Jorja Olver 88th, Kaitlyn Blair 98th, Sacha Antscherl 111th, Melissa Stevens 156th


Junior Boys (277 Runners)

SILVER - Jonathan Hofer in a photo finish - 4/100 from the winner!!!      & following close on Jonathan's heels - Jacob Bonikowsky 4th,  Caiden Lee 11th, Isaac Baker 16th, Kaelem Dumont 83rd, Colton Plummer 84th, Devon Kim 106th, Alex Lamyin 120th, Zach Yewchuk 220th, Aiden Turner 223rd, Michael Greenough 255th,    


Senior Girls (226)

Maya Kobylanski 8th, Hannah Milic 20th, Dora Chan 95th, Cayla Smith 96th


Senior Boys ( 262 runners)

Harrison Almrud 34th,Tyler Wilson 43rd,Adam Vilio 44th


Congratulations Coach Lynn and Assistant Coaches Cam Mitchell, Jake Bruchet & Michael Butler.  You have done a terrific job getting our athletes ready for Cross Country.


For those of you who missed the presentation by Tyler Dumont for the Physiomoves High Performance Program, you can learn more at the Physiomoves website  and there will be pamphlets on the program available at the track.





BC Club XC Championships - Saturday October 27 - Clearbrook Pk Abbotsford




Great showing by our Ocean Athletes!  Full results here.



Photos by Gord Kalisch here

(R1 - 2009 B&G 1.5km    R2 - 2008 B&G  2km    R3 - 2007 B&G    R4 - 6km Masters, Seniors, Junior Women     R5 - Masters, Seniors, Junior Men    R6 - 2006, 2005 B&G    R7 - Midget Women    R8 - Midget Men   R9 -  Youth Women   R10 - Youth Men)

Top Fifteen Performances  

2009 Girls - Sophia Sales 6th, Sasha Dehal 11th 

2008 Boys - Oscar Antscherl 12th, Isaac Newman 13th, Nicholas MacPherson 15th

2008 Girls - Chloe Ostrosser 7th, Audrey Soti 11th

2007 Girls - Josephine Soti 8th, Eve Antscherl 10th

2006 Boys - Brendan O'Brien SILVER, James Hodgson BRONZE, Connor Nicol 6th, Arjan Gill 11th

2006 Girls - Maella Hodgson GOLD

2005 Boys - Caiden Lee BRONZE, Zack Yewchuk 14th

2006 Girls - Mackenzie Hack 4th, Kaitlyn Blair 9th

Midget Men - Jacob Bonikowsky SILVER,  Isaac Baker 6th

Midget Women - Maddy Bonikowsky SILVER, Milena Kalisch 4th, Abigail Yakemchuk 10th

Youth Men - Jonathan Hofer BRONZE

Youth Women - Maya Kobylanski BRONZE


AGM   Thankyou Members and Parents for participating in the 2018 AGM.

      Ocean Constitution          Revised Ocean Bylaws





Ocean athletes take 4 of 6 Fraser Valley High School XC Championships titles!!  Plus - one Gold, one Silver at the Independent Schools XC Championships!!

Caiden Lee Grade 8 Boys Gold(Left) Jacob Bonihowsky Jr Boys 4th. (Right) Jonathan Hofer Junior Boys Gold
Madelyn Bonihowsky Junior Girls GoldMaya Kobylanski Senior Girls GoldOcean Athletics athletes had a stellar day at the Fraser Valley XC Championships.  An unusually warm day combined with the tough hills of Aldergrove Park made for a challenging day. Congratulations to our Fraser Valley Champions - Caiden Lee - Gr8 Boys,  Maddy Bonikowsky - Jr Girls,   Maya Kobylanski -Sr Girls

Full results can be found here. (link now working) These athletes, along with numerous additional Ocean athletes will be travelling to Nanaimo on November 3 for the BC High School Cross Country Championships.  Congratulations to all of our Cross Country athletes and to Coaches Lynn, Cam, Jake and Michael for your preparation of our xc athletes.

and Jonathan Hofer - Sr Boys.   

Honorable mention to:

Senior Boys: Adam Vilio (8)

Senior Girls: Hannah Milic (13)

Junior Boys: Jacob Bonikowsky (4), Isaac Baker (7)

Junior Girls: Abigail Yakemchuk (8), Mackenzie Hack (9), Julia Mackie (12)

Gr8 Boys: William King (11)

In the Independent Schools Championships, Harrison Almrud took the Senior Boys title and Milena Kalisch took the silver medal in the Junior Girls race                                                            

Full results can be found here. (link now working) These athletes, along with numerous additional Ocean athletes will be travelling to Nanaimo on November 3 for the BC High School Cross Country Championships.  Congratulations to all of our Cross Country athletes and to Coaches Lynn, Cam, Jake and Michael for your preparation of our xc athletes.


Harrison Almrud              Milena Kalisch



Want to see improvements to our Track and Field Facility?    Please take the time to complete the City of Surrey Athletic Field Facility Survey found here   Our track needs to be resurfaced!!  A safety railing needs to be installed along the 100m straightaway to keep spectators from interfering with Lanes 8 & 7 athletes.  The infield needs to be left open for the summer months.   Our new equipment shed needs to have a building permit issued.  Our concerns will only be addressed if we make some noise!!!  Fill in the survey (it is ok to fill in separate surveys for other sports) and lets see if we can put our facility in a priority position.   Have friends and other family members who use the track complete the survey as well.  Data is being assessed in 2 weeks!  Get your survey done today.

Fall Cross Country Series Information can be found on our XCountry page here.

2018 Ocean Athletics Festival of Cross Country RESULTS - Saturday Sept 29 - Crescent Park 

JD XC Series Current Standings

Recent Photos from Frank Reynolds in Cates Park (courtesy of Gord Kalisch)



New BC Women's 55-59 Hammer Record for Nancy Smith  !!   Not only are our cross country runners having a fantastic Fall season,  but Ocean's Masters athlete - Nancy Smith - set a new BC Hammer record in less than ideal conditions at the Ultra Throws event this past Sunday.   Nancy crushed the old record of 32.89m in not one, but three of her 6 attempts with the 34.86m throw being the best and the new BC Record.  Congratulations Nancy.

NEW THROWS TRAINING OPPORTUNITY - FRIDAYS 5-6PM AT THE TRACK - starting Friday Oct. 5.    This is a great opportunity to put in some throws training while both the infield and the track are clear.   All welcome.  Take this opportunity to both learn about and improve your throwing.  For the JD's  there will be 30min of practice and then a competition - each week will be a different event  Friday Oct 12th  - Discus - throws will be measured and ribbons given out.  Come and give it a try.


Fall Training Schedule *** all training sessions are at the South Surrey Track until the first week in November unless otherwise announced with exception of   Strength Training for Senior High School athletes Tuesdays at Semiahmoo Secondary 5-7pm   &    Throws - Thursdays are indoors at Ocean Cliff Elementary !!!   12550 20th Avenue 

HS Power Speed Athletes Combined Workout : Mondays & Thursdays 5:30-7pm  at the track   Tuesdays 5-7pm Senior Athletes only - Semiahmoo Secondary Wt Room,  Saturdays 10-11:30am 

HS Middle Distance Group  Mondays & Thursdays 5:30-7pm , Saturdays 10-11:30am 

JD's & Seahorses:   Mondays & Thursdays  6-7:30pm, Saturday 10-11:30am 

Throws:  Mondays 6-7:30pm, ***Thursdays 6-7pm Indoors at Ocean Cliff Elementary,   Fridays 5-6pm training and mini competition at the cage,  Saturdays 10-11:30am,   

High JumpMondays weather permitting 6-7:30pm,  Thursdays  5-7pm    Saturdays weather permitting 10-11:30am       ** Athletes - please help with both mat setup and takedown,  more help means more jumping time for you!!!

Pole Vault: Mondays & Wednesdays 6-7:15pm, Saturdays 10-11:30am *** new vaulters (2006 & older) -  11:30am -12:15pm   ** check with Coach Len re Bellingham Indoor training


 New Members:  Please go to our Membership page for fall registration details.


Training Tips:  Take a look at our Coaching Links section.  Technical Event information, Injury Prevention and Nutrition articles.  The latest addition is a CBC Marketplace segment on energy drinks and bars.  Check it out!    

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