Tuesday April 24  Training Additions:

JD Hurdles 5:30-7pm

HJ 5:30-7pm



Calling all Masters Track and Field Athletes (30 years and older)

Ocean Athletics is proud to host the 2018 Canadian Masters Track and Field Championships August 3-5.    Registration is via Trackiereg    Technical Package      Schedule  This event is open to all athletes 30 years and older.  You must have a current BCA or CMA / affliated membership to compete.

2018 Volunteer & Sponsorship Opportunities

Ocean Athletics is honoured to be hosting both the BC Junior Development Pentathlon Championships on Saturday June 23, and the Canadian Masters Track and Field Championships August 3,4 & 5 (open to athletes 30 years of age and older)in addition to our regular Tuesday evening Summer Series events July 3,10, 17, 24 & 31st.    The Canadian Masters meet in particular will require a large number of volunteers.   A signup list is coming soon for both events.  Hosting events is our fundraising model.  Beats the heck out of selling chocolate bars!!

Ocean Athletics is always looking for sponsors.  We have been very fortunate to have great local support - Windset Farms, Famoso Pizzeria, Bean Around the World, TD bank, Envision Financial, INVIS, DMCL Chartered Professional Accountants, Wilchris Kennels, Marathon Surfaces, Peninsula Runners, NavCanada and Pepsi.  We are also fortunate to have received grants from the Semiahmoo Rotary, ViaSport and the BC Government Grant in Aid program.  If you are able and willing to connect the club with sponsors, please contact Mo



Training Schedule  ** any changes to the regular training session will be posted in the Update section above, and on Ocean Facebook.

High School sprinters, hurdlers, jumpers - All practices now at the track. 

Mondays & Thursdays - 5:30-7pm Coach Derek & Coach Michaela 

Tuesdays, Thursdays 5:30-7pm, Saturdays 10-11:30am  - Coach Carl

** Coach Brian will be at different practices dependent upon his work schedule 

High School Middle Distance - All practices at the track unless indicated by Coach Lynn    Mondays & Thursdays 5:30-7pm,  Saturdays 10-11:30am

Throws -  Mondays 5:30-7pm Javelin, Shot Put - Coach Rori, Coach Connor,  Thursdays 5:30-7:30pm, Saturdays 10-2pm - all Throws, Coach Chris.    

High Jump  - Mondays & Thursdays 6-7:30pm and Saturdays 10-11:30am at the track  Coaches Jeannie, Cathy, Joel and Jay

Pole Vault- Contact Coach Len for information on the Bellingham indoor vault program (Mondays & Thursdays), Saturdays 10am at the track.

JD's & Seahorses - All practices at the track    Mondays & Thursdays 6-7:30pm (Seahorses 6-7pm), Saturdays 10-11:30   **** Thursdays - LJ practice with Coach Derek for senior JD's (2005, 2006)


Monday May 28 - 100m Sprint Night - Ted will set up the full Camera and Timing System for 100m Sprint night.  Gun Starts.  Block starts for High School Group to get you ready for BC High School Championships.   100m sprint trials for positions on the 2018 Harry Jerome JD 4x100 teams.   4 + 1 spare will be selected for each of the 4 relay teams.  2005 and younger Girls and Boys teams,  2009-2007 Girls and Boys teams.

JD's please register your intent to run on a relay team here.

5:30 to 6:30pm  High School Athletes

6:30 to 7pm  JD's

7 to 7:15pm  Seahorse 60m event

Please pick up your 2017 Volunteer Bond Refund - if you are owed a 2017 Volunteer Bond, refunds can be picked up at the track this week.  We would rather buy a piece of equipment than spend $ on postage stamps!!! Of course, if you wish to donate your 2017 Volunteer Bond, please let Mo know!!


Parents & practice dropoff:  Please do not stop to let your children out of the car at the entrance to the park.  This is a no stopping area.  Stopping backs up incoming vehicles into the traffic circle.  Now that spring has arrived, it is likely we will see bylaw officers handing out tickets to offenders.

Clothing Sales will occur at the end of Saturday practices.

2018 BC Team Selection Criteria     http://www.bcathletics.org/News/2018-bc-team-selection-criteria-standards-released/2753/


2018 Championship Dates 


BC Masters Championships - July 15-17th - hosted by Langley Mustangs at McLeod Stadium

BC JD Pentathlon Championships - Saturday June 22 - hosted by Ocean Athletics at our South Surrey Athletic Park track

BC Jamboree - Championships for Midget, Youth, Junior & Seniors - Fri-Sun  July 13-15 - hosted by Coquitlam Cheetahs at the Percy Perry Stadium in Coquitlam

BC Summer Games - 2003, 2004 Athletes - Trials May 26, 27 hosted by Universal Athletics & Ocean Athletics at our South Surrey Athletic Park track -  Summer Games July 19-21 in Duncan, BC

BC JD Track and Field Championships - Fri-Sat July 27-29 - hosted by Okanagan Athletics in Kelowna

Canadian Masters Track & Field Championships - athletes 30yrs and older are eligible - Fri-Sun August 3-5 - hosted by Ocean Athletics at our South Surrey Athletic Park track with some events at Bear Creek Park on Friday.

High School  Everything you need to know about the BC HS Championships!

All entries done through your school programs.  Please ensure that you are registered with your school team and that you help your school team thrive by helping to coach.  Your Ocean Athletics competition tops are not to be worn at school meets.  Check the Fraser Valley Track and Field website for up to date information  www.fraservalleytrack.net      and the BC HS Track and Field website   www.bctfa.ca

SURREY 2018 Schedule

May 1,2 4th - Surrey HS Track and Field Championships - HOSTED BY OCEAN ATHLETICS AT OUR TRACK - Top 7 athletes in Grade 8, 9/10, and 11/12 qualify to the Fraser Valley Championships.

May 14,15, 17 - Fraser Valley Championships - Top 8 Juniors (grades 9,10), top 8 Seniors (grades 11,12) qualify to the BC High School Championships  *** Grade 8's apply for the Grade 8 Invitational at the BC HS Championships

May 31-June 2 - BC High School Championships - McLeod Stadium, Langley

Delta/Coquitlam  2018 Schedule

April 30, May 2 (Mon, Wed) - Delta/Coquitlam HS Track and Field Championships - top 5 athletes in Grades 8, 9/10, 11/12 qualify for Fraser Valley Championships.   Qualification to BC HS Championships is as above.

Vancouver Independent Schools

May 8,9 - Vancouver Independent Schools Championships - Swangard Stadium - top 2 Juniors, top 2 Seniors qualify through to BC HS Championships



2018 Harry Jerome Classic - Tuesday June 26, Wednesday June 27  - Swangard Stadium, Burnaby   

** the Harry Jerome Classic JD relays are back!!!!  100m Trials for positions - Full Camera & timing setup!   Girls 2005 and younger, Boys 2005 and younger, Girls 2009-2007, Boys 2009-2007.

Tuesday evening events:  110mH,   Women LJ,  800m,    Women Javelin,   200m,   400m,  100m Canada vs China, 4x100m Canada vs China ,  JD 2005 and younger 4x100 relay - boys and girls

Wednesday evening events: 100mH,  Men's LJ,   Men's Javelin,  1500m,  Men's HJ,   Women's Para 100m, JD 2009-2007 JD 4x100 relay - boys and girls

Tickets are now available.  The best deal is the Family Pack - $14.50 (2 Adults, 2 Youth) per day.  The adult group rate is $16 per day, the youth group rate is $9 per day.  Use the Email form below if you want to sign up for an Ocean Group rate for tickets.    More information 

Harry Jerome Tickets



Training Tips:  Take a look at our Coaching Links section.  Technical Event information, Injury Prevention and Nutrition articles.  The latest addition is a CBC Marketplace segment on energy drinks and bars.  Check it out!    http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/episodes/2013-2014/farther-faster-fitter    


Congratulations to Jack Williams and Canada's Senior Men's Cross Country Team for their bronze medal at the Pan American XCountry Championships!! 









The Peninsula Runners 2018 Trail Series is another partnership opportunity for Ocean Athletics and Peninsula Runners !!  Thankyou to our dedicated volunteer crew who helped to make this trail series a success.







Congratulations to Owen Pinto!  2018 U16 National Indoor 800m Champion!   Owen opened his 2018 season with a 2min 800m in Seattle on the Feb 3 weekend, as a warmup to taking the U16 Mens 800m Indoor Title in 2:02 in Montreal this Feb 10 weekend.  Owen lead start to finish!!     Mark Pinckard finished 7th in the Invitational Masters Men's 800 with a season opener of 2:16.   Well done Owen, Mark & Coaches Lynn, Cam & Jake.  









University of Washington Indoor - Sunday, February 12th

 Cayla Smith - 1 second off her 400mPB - Adam Vilio 400mPB  - Tamara Harris  600m Indoors PB and Hannah Milic 2 seconds off her 3000m Outdoor PB   - Great season openers.   Well done!


Congratulations to our Ocean Athletics athletes at the 2018 Harry Jerome Indoor.  In addition to some outstanding individual and relay performances, two Ocean athletes were awarded outstanding athletes of the meet awards.

Caiden Lee (2005) for breaking the 600m  record by 7 seconds!!   and  Emma deBoer (2003) for a spectacular 165cm season opener in the High Jump.    Well done Caiden and Emma.   Both received a deluxe Timex watch.  In addition to their individual events both contributed to 4x200m relay teams and Caiden won the 2005 60m. 

Additional outstanding Ocean results by Lindsay Cyr with season opening shot put of 9.81., Tyler Wilson winning the 1500 racewalk in 6:48.53, Coach Jeannie with a season opener of 1.50m in the HJ, Ryan Pederson tying for 2nd in the youth 60m final where the first three were only 1/1000th of a second apart!, and then winning the 300m in 38.62, Adam Vilio and Kaelan House 1st and 2nd in the Youth 600m,  Maya Kobylanski winning the Youth 1500, Hannah Milic 2nd in the Yoth 1200m, Roy Jiang 2nd in the Midget 60m, Issac Baker 2nd in Midget 1200m, Kaylie Borntraeger 1st Midget 300m, Gilberto de la Pena 3rd 2006 60m & 600m, James Hodgson 2nd 600m, Maella Hodgson 1st 2006 600m, Eve Antscherl 3rd 2007 60m, Oscar Antscherl 2nd 2007 60m,  Ben Condin 2nd 2009 60m, Phoenix Burgess 2nd 600m Sasha deHal 1st 2009 60m & 2nd 600m.  Anna Blair 3rd 2009 600m  Full results

*** Ocean Uniforms - competition tops may be exchanged after a minimum of 2 years if they no longer fit.  You must bring the used uniform to obtain an exchange.  If the uniform is damaged you may be required to purchase a new one.   If you wish to trade your uniform with a visiting athlete, you will need to purchase a new one for your use.   The Ocean Athletics is a high quality Garneau item designed uniquely for OA that will look brand new for many years if properly laundered (suggest washing and then hanging to dry).  Uniforms for new members are distributed on Saturdays when our Clothing Coordinator Cathy Carr is available.





2018 Ocean Athletics registration is now live on Trackiereg! 

Registrations will be done on-line at http://www.trackiereg.com/OceanAthletics2018    Membership categories are based on year of birth, not age at registration.  Once you have completed your registration, fill out both the 2018 Membership and Athlete Emergency forms.   Write in your Trackiereg Invoice # next to the membership category.  Attach your post-dated Volunteer Bond cheque to the membership form ($200 - cheque dated October 15, 2018), and hand in at your first practice of 2018.

 *** NOTE:  the Athlete Emergency Form link had the incorrect form.  It has been corrected.  Apologies for any inconvenience.      Athlete Emergency Form




New members welcome.  Please use the Helpdesk at the bottom of this page to contact us for more information. 

 Field Closure updates can be found at http://www.surrey.ca/culture-recreation/1948.aspx